Qmail Suite

How to install.

  • Qmail Ldap
  • Python 2.3 or later (for console utilities)
  • Webserver + PHP 5.0 or later (for web application)
  • Python Ldap module
  • PHP Ldap module

1) Download tar.gz Qmailsuite file.

2) decompress it:
# tar zxf qmailsuite-1.0.tar.gz
# cd qmailsuite-1.0

3) install:
# python install.py

Select path for binary command-line file and path for web application file, readable by webserver., then choice the pasword for the special administrator account "postmaster@root"

Security approach and suggestion.
Create new group and user qmailsuite
# groupadd qmailsuite
# useradd -G qmailsuite -d/var/qmailsuite -s/bin/nologin qmailsuite
(change /var/qmailsuite to directory that you have choose for web application).
# chown -R qmailsuite.apache /var/qmailsuite
("apache" is httpd standard group name, changed it if you need)
# chmod 750 /var/qmailsuite

Mailserver installation


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