Qmail Suite

QmailSuite is a collection of free tools to manage Qmail Ldap email accounts, from command line and/or web access.
QmailSuite is simple and efficiently, it's permit to manage thousand and thousand of email accounts. QS support native Qmail clustering.
Qmail Ldap is a robust, secure, affordable, reliable and clusterizable Unix mailserver. With LDAP Patch, Qmail is a perfect choice for corporate, service providers and premium IT operators.

Console application   Web application
A set of a command line utility written in Python to manage Qmail Ldap mailserver domain/accounting.

Administrator can
- add new domain in Qmail system and setup password for new domain postmaster
- delete entire domain, with optional safe mode to preserve maildir file (--safe)
- add new single email account or delete an existent account, with option safe mode
- change password for every account with qlpasswd binary


  Written in PHP, this application permits complete domain account management for somain postmaster owner (postmaster@domain.com)

Postmaster can:
- add, edit and delete email for his domain
- edit quotasize, quotacount and maxsize attributes
- change personal data and accountstatus for user
- add, edit and delete aliases and forward.

Special account "postmaster@root", reserved to administrator, permit to check amount of all emails and manage all domains.

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  • Data communication via XML files for application interoperability.
  • Three languages: Python, Php, Javascript.
  • Automatic alias check and detection
  • Web application use AJAX Technology.
  • Security check
  • Highly configurable
  • Support all Qmail Ldap hash algo: MD5, SMD5, SHA, SSHA, CRYPT
  • Configless software: autoconfiguring php, app don't require manual configuration except webserver modification.
  • Web templates easily configurable

  • Qmail Ldap
  • Python 2.3 or later (for console utilities)
  • Webserver + PHP 5.0 or later (for web application)
  • Python Ldap module
  • PHP Ldap module


Mailserver installation
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